CCPDA Monthly Meetings

Board and Member Meetings are held on the first Thursday each month. Board meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Member meeting starts at 7:30 pm.

Meetings will be held at the United Methodist church Fellowship Hall. It is located at 125 East Main Street, Shiremanstown, Pa The alley at the right of the church leadfs to the paking lot and Fellowship Hall.

CCPDA Dance Schedule


1. Starting January 2018,  Dance times will be 5 PM to 9 PM

CCPDA Dance Schedule


​​​March 10                     Polka Whooo           5-9 PM         Monaghan Fire Hall

​April 7                          Swing Masters         5-9 PM         Monaghan Fire Hall

​May  12                         NuTones                    5-9 PM        Monaghan Fire Hall

​June 9                            Golden Tones           5-9 PM       Monaghan Fire Hall

September 8               Shoreliners                 Picnic          Monaghan Fire Hall

October 13                  Joe Stanky                   5-9 PM      Monaghan Fire Hall

​November 10             Pa Villagers                5-9 PM       Monaghan Fire Hall

​December 8                John Stevens              5-9 PM       Monaghan Fire Hall

January 12                  Polka Quads                5-9 PM      Monaghan Fire Hall

February 9                  Polka Whoo               5-9 PM      Monaghan Fire Hall

March 9                       Polka Partners           5-9 PM       Monaghan Fire Hall

​April 13                       Happy Slovenes         5-9 PM       Monaghan Fire Hall